Fundraising Team

Depending on the event, volunteer activities for the Fundraising Team could include: planning setup/tear down monitoring displays greeting guests answering questions promoting our rescue handing out promotional items, business cards etc. Some pre-event assistance could include: requesting and collecting auction items distribution of posters promotion via social media crafting/sewing/knitting, baking/cooking.


Communications & Promotions Team

Timely responses to inquiries; applications to foster, adopt, or volunteer; fundraising opportunities; potential donations, and requests to surrender animals are vital for community goodwill and for the well-being of animals in need. As a member of the Communications & Promotions team you may be called upon to monitor incoming emails, social media comments, and Facebook Messenger correspondence and respond in a professional manner to requests and/or direct the question to the appropriate Board member.


Cat Team

Kitten season seems to be getting longer and earlier each year. We are called on frequently to rescue kittens and adult cats. As a member of the cat team you may be called upon to help with rescues, transportation of animals to vet appointments or to foster or adopter homes, booking vet appointments, being an emergency foster, dropping off supplies to fosters. But what you’ll get in return is priceless.



Dog Team

Many of the dogs rescued by Meant 2B Loved have been through abuse or neglect and require rehabilitation before being adopted.

As a member of the dog team, you may be called upon to assist with rescues, transport dogs to and from training sessions and vet visits, book vet appointments, be an emergency foster. In return you’ll see the gratitude in the dogs eyes for your kindness and care.



Bottle Team

As refundable cans, bottles, and milk containers make up a large portion of our budget, our Bottle Team is very important. As a member of the Bottle Team you may be called upon to monitor the bottle group chat for pickup requests, pick up donations of refundables from donor homes, empty our refundables collection bins, sort, bring donations to the recycling depot, and collect the funds provided in return. Bottle team members will need to use their own vehicle for the collection and delivery of recyclables.

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