Adoption Coordinator/Counsellor

Job Title: Adoption Coordinator/Counsellor

Location: Cranbrook/Kimberley

Organization: Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society is a volunteer-run animal rescue organization dedicated to fostering and rehoming animals in need.

Reports to: Director, Animal Welfare

Role Overview: The Adoption Coordinator/Counsellor plays a crucial role in facilitating the adoption process for animals in the care of Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society. Under the supervision of the Director, Animal Welfare, this individual reviews adoption applications, assesses potential adopters, and provides guidance and support to ensure successful matches between animals and adoptive families. Additionally, the Adoption Coordinator/Counsellor coordinates the transition of animals to their new homes, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is completed, and providing post-adoption support as needed.


  1. Adoption Application Review:
    • Review adoption applications submitted by potential adopters, ensuring completeness and accuracy of information provided.
    • Assess suitability of applicants based on criteria such as living situation, lifestyle, experience with pets, and compatibility with specific animals.
  2. Adoption Counselling:
    • Provide guidance and counselling to potential adopters, answering questions, addressing concerns, and providing information on animal care and behaviour.
    • Match animals with adoptive families based on compatibility, temperament, and the individual needs of both the animal and the adopter.
  3. Adoption Process Management:
    • Coordinate the adoption process from application review to finalization, ensuring all necessary steps are completed in a timely manner.
    • Facilitate meet-and-greet sessions between potential adopters and animals, allowing for interaction and assessment of compatibility.
  4. Transition Support:
    • Provide support and guidance to adopters as they prepare for the arrival of their new pet, offering advice on care, training, and integration into the home environment.
    • Ensure that all necessary paperwork, including adoption contracts and payment, is completed prior to the handover of the animal to the adoptive family.
  5. Post-Adoption Follow-Up:
    • Conduct follow-up communications with adopters after the adoption to ensure a smooth transition and address any questions or concerns that may arise.
    • Provide ongoing support and resources to adopters as needed, including referrals to trainers, veterinarians, and other pet care professionals.


  • Passion for animal welfare and a commitment to the mission of Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to interact effectively with potential adopters, volunteers, and stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of animal behaviour, care, and training principles, with experience working with animals preferred.
  • Ability to make sound judgments and recommendations regarding animal placements and adopter suitability.

Note: This is a volunteer position and does not involve monetary compensation.

The Adoption Coordinator/Counsellor plays a pivotal role in facilitating successful adoptions and ensuring the well-being of animals in the care of Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society, providing guidance, support, and resources to adopters throughout the adoption process and beyond.