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If you wish to adopt from Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue please fill in the form below.
Alternatively you can download the PDF form and email it to [email protected]

Please confirm to us you completely understand and agree to the following statements:


Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society exercises due diligence and will disclose all known previous history for each rescue animal we place.
Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society is not liable for an unforeseen behavior that might arise after adoption. Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society does our best to access and provide as much information as possible on each animal that comes into our care and expects that all Adopters are aware that new situations may have the potential to bring out unknown issues.
We also ask that all Adopters agree to not surrender any animal we place for euthanasia
unless that is the only option or course of treatment recommended by a licensed Veterinarian.
All Adopters must agree to not declaw, tail dock, or ear crop any animal adopted through Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society. These procedures are banned in many provinces in Canada and Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society adopters hereby agree not to alter their adopted pet with any of these procedures in any other province in Canada.

Falsified information will lead to automatic rejection of the application. Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society reserves the right to refuse any application.