To say that Tina was on death’s door when Meant 2B Loved learned about her is not an overstatement. She was emaciated and obviously very sick. The veterinarians at Tanglefoot Veterinary Clinic suspected she may have ingested a foreign body that would require surgery to remove. If no one was able to cover the costs of diagnostics and surgery, if required, Tina likely would need to be euthanized.

Determined not to let that happen, Meant 2B Loved took custody of Tina and covered the costs of diagnostics. It turns out, she had managed to consume a towel that was quite possibly the cause of her distress. Thankfully, however, she managed to pass the piece of cloth on her own without the need for surgery.

With the cloth no longer being an issue, Tina began to perk up, but that was short-lived. She began to deteriorate quickly again, and it was determined surgery was needed. During the surgery it was found that she had a corn cob lodged in her intestine, definitely a life-threatening situation.

With both foreign bodies removed, Tina’s health began to rebound quickly, but some behavioural issues became apparent. She was very fearful, had food aggression, and was cautious around other dogs. Meant 2B Loved Board members, Kate and Sian, took her into their home as temporary fosters until a more long-term foster was found. Once one was, Tina also began to work with a trainer to address her behavioural issues.

It was time to begin the search for Tina’s forever home. The Meant 2B Loved team knew it was going to be a challenge. Tina had developed itchiness (atopic dermatitis) that needs to be treated through expensive, specialty dog food and, if it works, a costly monthly injection. That is a lot to ask of an adopter. She met with a couple of potential families but didn’t warm up to any of them, barking at them instead.

But then, Craig Lundgren reached out. He had seen Tina on social media and was immediately interested.

“Tina reminded me of a dog I had just had to say goodbye to a few days earlier,” he said.

A meeting between the two was arranged, a meeting which turned out to be much different than any of the previous ones Tina had participated in.

“Our first meeting was fantastic,” Craig said. “I walked into the room, sat on the floor, and she greeted me with a kiss on the face. It was love at first sight.”

There was, however, still the matter of the expensive dog food and monthly injections.

“She does come with some hefty bills but that’s what I do for my pets,” Craig said. “I’ve worked in vet hospitals and have been involved in rescues for years, it’s just what we folks in rescue do for the animals. Tina will be provided with the best care, and she will be loved for as long as she lets me love her.”

Tina settled into her new home with Craig very quickly. She is young and usure of things still, but Craig is certain her confidence will build in time with love, patience, and security.

“She has been socializing with other dogs and has met several male humans and has shown no issues so far,” he said. “Did I mention…I’m in love?!”

Just in time for the holidays, Tina has gone from near death to finding her forever home with Craig, and her four new feline family members: Stella, Stanley, Ellie, and Erik.

As Craig says, “It was Meant 2B!!!”