Approx Age: 4 years
Gender: Male
Breed Chihuahua Mix


​Meet Charlie!

Charlie is a cuddly dog who loves snuggling with his people. Once he is in his favorite spot, he prefers to be persuaded to move if need be, and does not appreciate being moved by force/hand.  Charlie will sometimes chase his foster family’s cat, but mostly just avoids him. He has also been co-existing with a 1 yr old puppy, tho he makes it very clear when he has had enough and he has some resource guarding behaviors toward other dogs in relation to food. Charlie has not been tested with young children so we encourage older, respectful children, if any at all.
Charlie is lower energy as he is recovering from a recent (2.5 weeks post op) hip surgery and hasn’t figured it if he’s going to use that leg yet, or maybe doesn’t realize he can. He would benefit from low intensity consistent walks that will allow him to build the muscle back up in that leg. Since he is still healing from his surgery, we are still working on figuring out which of his behaviors were due to pain and what may need intervention from a trainer. For this reason we are looking for a special home for him, and offering continued behavioral support after adoption.
If you would like to be the furever recipient of Charlie’s cuddles and are willing to do a pre-adoption home trial with him, please fill out an application here: ADOPTION APPLICATION.