Approx Age: 4 months old
Gender: Female
Breed DSH


It has taken some time and effort but Jett has come a long way since she was trapped as feral kitten and brought into care. She is, however, still timid with strangers and is likely to regress slightly when introduced to new home, but with a bit of quiet time and lots of love and understanding she’ll come around quickly in her new home.
We think that Jett will greatly benefit from having a more confident sibling around so would prefer the two are adopted together (with Emmy Lou) or into a home with another friendly and confident kitty. Jett definitely needs a confident friendly buddy, or an extra special person.
Jett is active and playful and her motors start instantly upon being touched by her human. She has had little exposure to different people, and no exposure at all to dogs but with proper introduction would likely be ok to share space with a mellow dog or older more responsible children. Jett has shared her space with another litter younger than herself and although she can be a little rough during play, she has displayed kindness and gentle understanding of her smaller playmates.
Jett loves to be around people but likes to stay back and watch. She welcomes pets from her humans when she’s in relax mode and purrs instantly but is not fond of up close cuddles, and she’s not fond of strangers.
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