Approx Age: 3.5 months old
Gender: Female
Breed DSH


This our darling Madonna. She came into care with Stewart and Seger and although we consider her a sibling we have some doubts that she’s actually related due to her petite stature upon arrival, but let’s not tell her that.
Madonna is still a bit smaller than her brothers but has caught up nicely and is turning into quite the little princess at her estimated 3.5 months of age. Like most kittens and like her brothers, Madonna is affectionate and playful and she has the most adorable eyes with which she stares at her caregiver when she wants her breakfast or her treats.
That being said, we can see that at this point in her life she is more interested in being playful and cheeky than in lots of cuddles, but she will make time to stop for a few pets and kisses. Madonna would love a sibling in her forever home but will also do ok with a kind and quiet human or two. She has not been exposed to dogs but because she’s a kitten, proper introduction to a mild mannered dog would be ok. Older respectful children are also recommended for Madonna’s forever family.
Madonna has had her 2 core vaccinations and will be booked into be spayed once she’s reached the appropriate age, this will be covered by M2BL along with her microchip.
If you would like to open your home and heart to this kitten, please complete an Adoption Application by clicking here: ADOPTION APPLICATION.