Fight Plastic Waste and Save Animals, One Load at a Time with Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society and Tru Earth!

Meant 2B Loved is thrilled to announce our impactful partnership with Tru Earth through our online store. With every purchase of Tru Earth products from our store, 20% of the profits will go directly to supporting Meant 2B Loved animals. This means that every product you buy not only helps to save the environment but also supports our mission to rescue and care for animals in need. Together, we can make a significant difference for both the planet and its inhabitants.

About Tru Earth

Tru Earth is more than a brand—it’s a movement (#TruEarthMovement). Alongside millions of committed individuals in over 82 countries, Tru Earth is fighting the 645 billion plastic household product containers that end up in landfills and oceans each year. Every 32-load pack of Tru Earth’s laundry eco-strips prevents one plastic container from polluting our planet. As Tru Earth emphasizes, “many small hinges can swing this very big door,” and your purchase plays a crucial part in this battle.

Your Purchase Helps People and Animals

Tru Earth’s donation program started during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring clean clothes for those in need through donations to over 800 organizations, including food banks, maternity programs, women’s shelters, and non-profits across Canada and the United States. For every subscription purchase, 32 loads of laundry detergent are donated to communities in need globally. This impactful initiative also extends its support to Meant2BLoved, reinforcing our shared commitment to making a difference, for every purchase from our online store, Meant2Bloved receives up to 20% in donations from the purchase.

Direct Impact of Your Purchase: 

Containers Eliminated: 181,121,566 plastic jugs and single-use plastics have been kept out of landfills and oceans thanks to Tru Earth’s eco-strips.

Laundry Eco-Strips Donated: 41,340,984 eco-strips have been donated, ensuring clean clothes for people in need. For every $25 spent on Tru Earth products, one person receives a month’s supply of laundry detergent.

By partnering with Tru Earth, Meant 2B Loved joins the crucial fight against plastic waste, making strides towards a sustainable future while supporting animal rescue efforts. When you choose to shop Tru Earth products through our online store, you’re making a powerful statement for environmental conservation and animal welfare.

Supporting Meant 2B Loved Pet Rescue Society:

By purchasing from our online store, you directly contribute to Meant 2B Loved’s mission. With 20% of the profits from Tru Earth sales going directly to our cause, you help us provide essential care, medical treatment, and safe homes for animals in need. Your support enables us to continue our rescue operations and advocacy for animals, ensuring they receive the love and protection they deserve.

Join Us in Making a Difference

This partnership with Tru Earth not only aligns with our environmental values but also amplifies our impact. By eliminating plastic waste and supporting animal rescue simultaneously, we can create a better world for future generations. Thank you for being part of this important mission. Together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes for both the environment and the animals we strive to protect.

Shop with us today and become a part of this transformative journey. Save the planet, support animal rescue, and join the #TruEarthMovement with Meant2BLoved!

Bottle Donations

Meant 2B Loved, a dedicated community organization, goes above and beyond in Cranbrook and Kimberley by collecting bottles for recycling and donations. This initiative not only helps to keep the local environment clean and green but also fosters a strong sense of community spirit. By recycling bottles, Meant 2B Loved reduces waste and promotes sustainable practices. The funds raised from these collections are used solely for Meant 2B Loved’s animal rescue and/or TNR efforts. The impact of Meant 2B Loved’s efforts is evident in the cleaner streets, the increased awareness about recycling, and the tangible support provided to the rescue’s programs, making Cranbrook and Kimberley better places to live for everyone.

Learn more about our bottle collection services.