Sometimes it is the toughest animals who turn out to be the most rewarding. That is what Ashley and Tyler found when they took in a dog named Hudson. Here is their story.

Meet Hudson, our incredible rescue pup from Meant 2B Loved! Our journey with him began over a year ago after we lost our beloved dog of 18 years. We weren’t sure if we were ready to adopt again, but we missed having a furry friend around so decided to try fostering.

This lovable guy caught our eye in pictures, especially because he was good with cats—perfect since we have two! But Hudson had some serious leash and aggression challenges, making him a tough fit for many. A few people tried to walk him but found it too challenging and were not deemed an adoption fit.

Determined to give Hudson a chance, we took him in and made a commitment to getting him the long-term training he needed. We found a trainer who we believed would be an amazing match for Hudson’s specific issues, Chris Urban at Highland Canine Training in Cranbrook. Chris worked wonders with Hudson, even keeping him at his ranch for three weeks for an immersive board and train program where he learned to be a happy dog again.

Hudson with some of his new friends.

We quickly fell head over heels for Hudson. He’s not only become our devoted companion, but he’s also best buds with our cats. Hudson has transformed from a dog who couldn’t be leashed to one who loves his walks, and from one who couldn’t tolerate other dogs to one with doggy friends.

Opening your heart to a rescue dog like Hudson is one of the most rewarding experiences. It takes time, commitment, training, and patience, but it’s so worth it.

We ended up adopting Hudson, and each day we fall more in love with him. Give a rescue dog a chance—you might just find your new best friend! 🐾❤️