When Meant 2B Loved was looking for fosters, Kristina Brehm applied, willing to foster pretty much any kind of pet. Who she ended up with was Suzie, a 2-year-old Bernadoodle, whose driving force is to love others and to be loved.

“She is the kindest most gentle giant dog I have ever met, and everyone else who meets her says the same thing,” Kristina said.

And while Suzie’s placement was intended to be a temporary foster situation, Kristina says, “She won us over before the Meant 2B Loved car pulled away from our driveway. She was undeniably perfect for us….and pretty much anyone who would be lucky enough to foster her. I am so grateful she was placed with us; she made the whole process so effortless. It was just a fact that she was ours as soon as we got her. She loves us all so very much and we love her back just as much.”

Kristina and her family took Suzie in as a foster on March 16, 2023, and on March 29, they let Meant 2B Loved know they intended to adopt her. And they have been thrilled with their decision ever since.

“When she first came to us, she had never lived in a house so there were some growing pains like learning how to walk up and down stairs, getting used to the tv, and house training!  Now she is a staple in our family, and we cannot imagine a life without her now. She’s my hiking buddy, the kids play buddy, and my husband’s snuggle buddy!

“She is the best thing that has happened to our family in a long time! She walks so well and loves meeting new people and dogs in the forest. The kids adore her, and she adores them right back. She’s great with our long-haired dachshunds and doesn’t chase our rabbits who live free range in the backyard. She’s a ball of loving energy and she makes everyone happy when she’s around – minus when her giant paws accidentally step on your feet! It feels like we’ve always had her, she’s an integral part of our family and we feel so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives.”

So, after experiencing a “foster fail” (when foster becomes adopter) would Kristina suggest others consider giving it a try?

“I would 100% recommend fostering/adopting, especially through Meant 2B Loved. They care so much about every animal they encounter and are very careful and mindful about placing the animals with the right families. Suzie was handpicked for us as I told them I was open to fostering pretty much anything and at that time there was a need for a few fosters. The experience was so positive – she was delivered to us with everything that she could possibly need, all we had to do was love her which was the easiest part!”

It really seems that Suzie found herself the right forever family – and vice versa. It was a match that was meant to be.