Mandi Goudie was looking forward to fostering a little white poodle named Cloud who was coming to Cranbrook from California. However, Cloud’s California foster parents decided they wanted to adopt him. That left her available when Marvin, a chihuahua Jack Russell cross, needed a temporary foster until his forever home could be found.

It became clear Marvin had been through some trauma. He was very scared and hid under the table, under blankets, or in corners. He had several scabs and scars and would freeze up and start shaking when he heard any sort of noise outside. Right from the start, though, he loved to cuddle at night and luckily, Mandi was happy to share her bed and cuddle up with him at bedtime.

About two weeks after welcoming Marvin into her home, Mandi took him for a walk along Lois Creek. Along the way, Marvin heard a noise, got scared, and took off. Somehow in his panic, he managed to slip out of his collar and soon disappeared. Mandi began running to her house to change into running shoes and clothes, prepared to run through the trails until she found him.

Terrified about where Marvin could be and wondering if she would find him again, Mandi quickly made it the 2 km back to her house. When she arrived, however, she could not believe her eyes. There Marvin was, waiting at the front door! He had found his way back to Mandi’s house even though they had been on trails he was unfamiliar with.

“After that I knew I had to keep him,” Mandi said. So, in April 2021, Mandi became Marvin’s forever human.

“He is the sweetest and cuddliest dog,” she said. “He sleeps like a human on my pillow at night and loves sitting in the sunshine and going on ski hill hikes in the summer. He’s also a great traveler and will chill quietly on a patio, in a car, airport, airplane, anywhere really.”

Having fostered a number of dogs previously, it really seems as though Mandi and Marvin were Meant 2B.

And though technically considered a “foster fail” (which those in the rescue world love to see), Mandi wouldn’t change a thing.

“I definitely recommend fostering,” she said. “It’s a great way to see if a dog is a good match for you, your family, and other pets. Rescues animals can initially seem like more work, but with a bit of time and effort they’re the best!”

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