Heartbroken after losing their 2 senior cats unexpectedly within a month of each other, Tara and her family’s home felt empty without their special girls.

“I read about Rosie (aka Daisy), a beautiful kitty who had a rough start to her life. Until she came into the care of her wonderful foster family, she had not experienced much kindness. I thought maybe we needed each other,” said Tara. “Perhaps together we could heal our broken hearts.”

They adopted Rosie in August 2023.

“For the first two weeks we had her, she hid underneath the love seat and would not come out,” Tara said.

Over time the love of her new forever family helped Rosie begin to trust and her sweet personality started to shine. Now she’s a social, happy little love bug who expects a daily beauty treatment and a play session with her favourite toys.

Not only has Rosie blossomed with the love of her new family but her new family is also receiving gifts from their sweet new addition.

“Having her just makes the world a happier place,” Tara said. “Adopting is a great way to make a positive difference in the life of an animal. And in turn, caring for an animal can give you a sense of purpose.”

We’re so glad Tara and Rosie found each other; it was Meant 2B.