We are thrilled to receive this update on one of Zina’s kittens, Goose (formerly known as Donny), who was adopted by Leigh and family three weeks ago:
“She is doing awesome! She has grown since we brought her home lol, but still seems tiny compared to Ninja (black) & Tiberius (brown&cream). They all get along just fine; Tiberius tries to clean her every chance he gets & she just wants to play & bite his ears. She loves to follow Ninja around & attack his tail, he just rolls his eyes & moves to the next sunny spot. She is super intrigued by Chevy (ball python). She sees him moving around in his tub & tries to find a way in lol. She loves being up high, whether it’s lounging on the very top of our dining room chairs, climbing the curtains or riding our shoulders. She is a spitfire!! ha ha!!”