Approx Age: 1.5 years old
Gender: Male
Breed Husky Mix


Charlie is looking for his forever home, could you be the one to give him a second chance?
Message from Charlie’s foster:
“Charlie is an exceptional dog! He has all the smarts of his Shepard breed, in a few weeks he was able to learn lots of commands including lay down and shake-a-paw. He is learning his leash manners and will normally only if he gets excited. When we went running together, he can get a little over excited and jumping but stopping and getting him to sit is a quick reset. He is not good with personal space so the cats weren’t happy with him. But every dog we met he wanted to be friends with! He was happy to meet new people and was always good, though he did sometimes get excited and jumpy again so I’d have to make sure he was very calm to meet any small kids. We worked on his mouthing but he still needs manners. He wants to be your best friend and go everywhere with you; he follows me around the house and is happy to get in the car and lay down in the back seats if it means he gets to come with. He came to the lake and wasn’t sure about the water. He went to his knees and was too distracted by everything happening on the beach to keep going in the water. He will make someone an amazing adventure buddy!
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